TNT, TBS, and a handful of other channels not working with DirecTV

Most of my DirecTV channels work when using TVE on a Raspberry Pi. However, channels like TNT and TBS do not, even though the same credentials allow me watch it on the web browser (e.g. The error that I get when trying to select TNT on the Channels app is:

get: https://VIDEO_3_1928000.m3u8: 404 Not Found.

For TBS:
get: https://VIDEO_3_1928000.m3u8: 404 Not Found.

I've tried removing the account, re-adding and re-scanning, but that didn't do anything. Any suggestions?


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Try updating to the latest pre-release

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I would try a couple things.
Update your Channels DVR server to the latest pre-release version.
Rescan just the individual channels giving you errors.

Ah, thanks! The latest pre-release seems to have resolved the issue. I didn't even realize that was an option! Appreciate it.


Same issue with Cox and Comcast / Xfinity. Persists in the pre-release.

2021/01/10 01:53:55.343102 [ERR] Failed to start stream on channel 6034 via TVE-Comcast_SSO: TVE: get: 404 Not Found
2021/01/10 01:53:56.476403 [ERR] Failed to start stream on channel 6034 via TVE-Cox: TVE: get: 404 Not Found
2021/01/10 01:53:56.476543 [DVR] Error running job 1610270990-ch6034 Semi-Pro (2008): could not start stream on channels=[6034]: TVE: get: 404 Not Found

Hello here, just subscribed and Iā€™m having the same issue with TNT, TBS. How do I go back tot he latest pre-release?

On the DVR web ui, click the drop down next to version and choose prerelease.

Are Turner channels newly implemented? I've never been able to pull TNT, TBS, or NBATV via TVE with a YouTube TV login.

I think I read earlier that only cable company credentials offer these TVE channels, not the streaming services TVE login's.

Too easy, I know.
Go to their live streaming website using Incognito/Private mode in your browser and see if you can login with your Providers credentials and watch.

Most likely if that's a TVE feed and only requires your Providers login and the network doesn't require an additional subscription and it's a supported TVE channel in Channels DVR, you'll get access to it.

TVE access and Channels DVR TVE channels has got to be one of the least understood and most talked about features of Channels DVR. Just because there's a TVE app for it from the network or your Provider doesn't mean it's available via Channels DVR.

And if you're having issues with a TVE channel in Channels DVR, update to the latest pre-release version of the server and additionally scan the individual channel/s with issues.

Once they put this info in their support docs, we can just direct new TVE users/users with TVE issues to their support docs and quit answering the same questions over and over and over...

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Yea, if you go to there is no YTTV option in the login list.

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Same issue with DTV, pre-release fixed for me too. Thanks @Channels_DVR team!

So annoying. Completely borked the xfinity login because I kept trying to redo it and forgot I was on my fios wifi. Now I screwed my sister with her login as she'll have to reset her password.

What was the cause of this? And can something like this happen again,so if it does I'll think to come here first before troubleshooting on my own?