Too long of a delay for Pluto EPG

The script in the container runs every 3 hrs

DVR fetches the guide every 3 hours -> 6 hrs potential delay

ATV app fetches the guide every .... (3hrs?) so the total delay could be 9hrs for a 6hr guide.

Can we improve the pipeline?

Ideally the docker script could hit some endpoints to trigger a reload on the DVR and then the DVR could trigger a reload on ATV.

yes about once every 3-4 weeks so far I've noticed Pluto EPG specifically has run out, I then go to the DVR webUI and manually refresh it, then force-quit the Channels app and relaunch it, and then the Pluto EPG is populated. It would be a lot better if I didn't have to do that quite so frequently. I thought something might be wrong with my setup.

Agree. I setup scheduled tasks to keep it on time.
But I don't use a Channels Client, so haven't encountered that issue.

v2021.09.07.2217 has hourly reload option on the DVR side


You could check if the guide is fresh using the If-Modified-Since header.

Sweet! Thanks, this'll be great, Minor typo, I think it should be listed as "1 hour" and not "1 hours" though?