Top Shelf bug?

I’m having some issues with top shelf on ATV. I was able to remove some sources and was able to get “up next” in top shelf. However I’m using epg silicondust and “on now” is just showing tv logos without any epg info. Is this a bug? Thanks for any help.

EPG comes from your dvr server. Is there data there? Is there data inside the app?

Yes. EPG info just came on in “on now”. I guess I had to give it some time. Thanks for you quick response. Love the app!!

Question. I understand that top shelf will not work on ATV unless you limit the number of sources( perhaps a memory issue). Is there a workaround or a solution to this? Thanks

I believe improvements were made to this recently. Are you using the release version or the beta?

I have 3 sources (prime, atsc tuner, tve) hundreds of channels and ATV top shelf is working ok. (ATV 4K v1)

I have 6 sources and top shelf comes and goes. I am using 4.5.3. I will give beta a try. Thanks

We have only been using channels for about 4 days, could it be related to the number of recordings? (We only have maybe 20). We also have our channels app in position 1 on the top row fwiw. I will keep an eye on ours.

I really believe it based on the number or sources you have. I disabled Pluto source and popped on. Not sure if its Pluto or just any reduction in number of sources.

V4.5.3 should have all the top shelf fixes

Please submit diagnostics from the app after top shelf stops working.

not working for me on the beta 5.9.2027. submitted, thanks.

Submitted diagnostics.

Updated to the newest version and the top shelf is not working. Had no issues prior to this version.

I had to do a restart on my Apple TV to get top shelf to work after updating.

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Thanks. That worked!

Having the same issue, I believe that to be the case as well. I'd rather keep my relevant sources enabled than disable any of them just to get Top Shelf working, but at least now I think I understand what's causing it to not work as advertised. Thanks for the mention.