Top Shelf Feature Request Apple TV

Can you please add the ability for a person to choose what shows up on the top shelf in Apple TV? On my living room tv, I see "On Now" but on my bedroom ATV I see the attached image. I would prefer to see the attachment image rather than "On Now" or "What's Next". The attachment is like most other apps Hulu, YouTube TV, HBO Max, etc... It's cleaner and looks better IMO.


Sounds like you need to update to Channels v4.5.3 from the App Store

I think what @mjbomar is asking is for the ability to turn off the Top Shelf display (i.e., the “broken” behavior you fixed). You can do that in Settings > General > Up Next in Top Shelf.

Turning off "up next in top shelf" will still result in favorite channels being shown there (unless I'm mistaken). I believe he wants to completely disable both.

There might be some other factors at play but when I turned it off on my tv 4K, I just got the Channels icon/name as in his screenshot.

Yes. I’m asking to disable On Now and Favorites. I would just like the option to have the channels icon showing.

If you move the Channels icon down one spot to the level below, it won't show any top shelf content. Then you have another space to put an app that displays top shelf content you prefer.

That is an option. However, It doesn't make sense to me that I can't put things where I'd like them. It makes more sense to give people options. I know this isn't a top priority feature request, but it would be nice to have.

Both of my Apple TV's are updated and they are both showing the Channels icon like in my screenshot above. I have Top Shelf turned off in settings. I'm hoping this will stick. I think this icon looks way better than showing tv show icons.

Top shelf is an additional feature that adds new entry points into the application. You can only use this extra feature on apps that support the extra functionality and are in the very top row of applications. So it would make sense to put apps here the utilize top shelf features you want.