Top Shelf Images Cut Off



Apple TV 12.2.1, Channels 3.2.14, Synology NAS 2019.04.22.2317, Silicon Dust HDHR3-US

The top shelf images for OTA shows are cut off. See attached photo.

Thanks for a great product!

Edit: meant top shelf.


Always has been that way, they need 16:9 images and it seems Gracenote is only providing 4:3.


Ok. Hope they can fix it in a future release. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks!


Gracenote does provide 16:9 images. The problem is that the API they are offering to Channels may not allow them to access the aspect ratios. (Another possibility is that while the API may allow access to the images, there is something more going on, such as needing to query all images to find the proper aspect ratio.)


Funny I did not notice before but just now looking at CBS (11:11am pst) the jockey heads (polo championship) are cut off. But looking at the same image in the App under On Now they are not. Only top shelf. It is like TOP SHELF is blown up or zoomed in. Not a big deal since I have not notice before but interesting.