Top Shelf Not Working - Beta

Is anyone else running the beta on both client and server and having issues with Top Shelf content showing?

I’ve rebooted both the Apple TV and the Server with no luck.

Mine isn't working either

I think somebody else has reported this and the Devs responded that top shelf is limited to 10MB of memory. If you have a lot of channels it can exceed the limit which causes it to fail. They are looking into making it more lean so this is less likely to happen.

I saw that thread. Nothing changed on my end, I even removed a source but it still isn’t showing.

Any updates on this?

Mine hasn’t been working for about 2 weeks now. I’ve tried restarting multiple times and marking sure everything is updated.

All other apps I have on the top shelf always work - Netflix, Apple TV+, Infuse, and Forcast Bar (weather).

Any ideas?

Fixed in latest TestFlight

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Awesome! It’s working again! Thank you!!!

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