Transcoding Format For Remote Clients?


Quick question: To what format does Channels transcode video for remote clients? Stuff is recorded in the MPEG-2 format the HDHR tuners supply, right?


Transcoding takes mpeg2 and converts to mpeg4 (h264)


Thanks, @tmm1, but I think maybe I've asked the wrong question. And maybe in the wrong place? Looking at the iOS client settings, under "Streaming Quality" it has choices for "Original," "720p 4Mbps" and "360p 0.7Mbps." So is that still MPEG-4, but down-mixed on the fly?


Original = mpeg2
Anything else = transcoded to mpeg4 at that bitrate on the fly


Thanks for the clarification.


Not to be pedantic, MPEG-4/MP4 is merely a container format. It can hold several different encoded video streams:

  • MPEG-1: Traditional/original MPEG; the OG
  • MPEG-2: This is what most OTA broadcast streams are, at least in NA
  • MPEG-4 Part 2: Otherwise known as DivX and Xvid
  • MPEG-4 Part 10: H.264/AVC; this is what most people associate with MP4 containers
  • MPEG-H Part 2: H.265/HEVC; think of this as H.264 version 2.0, a quality update to H.264 that requires more processing power to handle (both to encode and decode)