Transition From Win10 to WD PR4100


I am changing the hardware I use for Channels from a Win10 PC to a WD PR4100. I will be building the new box while I am on the road so that it is ready to bring online when I get home as I retire the old one.

Are there any issues with having both on line at the same time as I finalize the transition? Is there anything else I need to be aware of as I set this up to avoid problems?


I seem to recall that clients will be confused with 2 DVRs broadcasting on the same network. So long as the Channels DVR is only running in one place at once, you should be fine. Should not be a problem with the HDHomeRuns as they can be used by multiple backends. I have mine configured with both Channels and Plex (but don’t use Plex for anything…)


Thanks for the response.

The build-up of DVR2 will be in a separate location and air-gapped while I build it. Once ready I could take DVR1 offline if I needed to for testing but of course, HDHomeRuns would be unavailable due to geographic realities. When I get home, I plan on taking DVR1 down before bringing DVR2 online and making it the primary.

My config is to use Channels for all Live/DVR functions and Plex for all recorded media that resides locally. I like Channels UI for viewing DVR stuff, and it seems to render with fewer issues too. I also love the way the skip forward/backward works in Channels.


You should be good. That’s the same way I use Channels & Plex. Channels for live/DVR, Plex for stored movies.