"Trash all Items" not trashing anything, when there's only one episode?

I'm in All Shows > Recently Updated, and trying to delete some recordings I don't have interest in. For this example, these are TV shows, but there's only one recording in them. When I click and hold their thumbnail, and then choose "Trash all Items," I get the confirmation to "Trash 1 Item" and I choose "Trash all," but then I'm brought back to All Shows > Recently Updated, and that show is still there.

It's not consistent for all shows though. I can't delete the 1 episode of Matlock this way, for example, no matter how many times I try. I can only delete it by going into the show and manually deleting the 1 episode.

I was however able to delete the 1 episode of 227 this way, via "Trash all items." I haven't figured out the rhyme and reason, why some shows let me "Trash all" this way, and some don't.

I had some issues with Trash All recently and found that the issue was that there was a delay, so the show didn’t disappear immediately. Does the show still exist after a few minutes?

Thanks for the reply but that doesn't describe what I'm experiencing. It's intermittent, some shows I can "Delete All" and some I can't. And I've checked hours later, and those shows are still not deleted.

In the video example below, only 1 of 6 deletion commands worked. And the one that did, deleted immediately.

Here’s a video of the bug in action, I can’t “trash all” — and trying to do so just leaves the files, I have to go into the show and delete the one recorded episode instead.