Trouble with OTA Guide

Just added DTVN to my Channels DVR and that part is working fine. Unfortunately the guide for my OTA channels inst populating. How do I fix that? It shows the channels in the guide but no data.

Click the circle icon under your HDHR on the DVR's web UI.

This still isnt working for me unfortunately. At the time I posted this is finally came back up but I seem to have lost it again after correcting something recording on the wrong channel.

So I need help refreshing my guide but there is also another issue...

I get two versions of FOX. It is always trying to record on the wrong version despite having the one I dont want used "disabled" in Channels and the other marked as a favorite. I end up having to go into the HDHomeRun and disabling the station there. I do that then have to re-scan channels to remove it fully but that is where I am stuck. After re-scanning the channels my guide is lost. The streaming channels still show but not the OTA.

What kind of HDHR is it?

Are you doing all of these steps on the web UI or one of the apps?

Connect Quattro and web UI

I think I found part of the problem. One of the steps unchecks the HDHomeRun from being enabled on the Apple app.

So seems like two possible bugs. That one above and the fact that when you get shows on two of the same stations you can’t steer the recording within Channels without disabling the channel on the HDHR.

On the web UI you can also edit your pass and add a channel number to force recordings from.

Poking around on the passes and stuff I’m not seeing a place to change the channel

web UI > DVR > Passes
select the drop down to the right of the pass and then either Edit or Advanced

After you save any changes you can click on the three dots to the right of the pass name and it will display the pass options

Just type in the Channel number where it says Any ... and save it