Troubleshoot Signal Strength

I have been playing around with the placement of my antenna and have noticed for my PBS station the stream is shuttering, pixelated and sound issues when I watch it on my Apple TV. Reading around it sounds like signal quality is more important than strength, but when I use an app like Signal GH I see Quality around 80% and Strength around 65%.

My other channels seem to be fine and don’t see these issues. What things can I look at to see why this one station is having issues?

Click into your HDHR on then click Tuner Status and into the active tuner.

You can verify the Signal Strength/Quality there, but also check the Streaming Rate and see if it is stable or fluctuating. If it's dipping that means your network is dropping packets and thats the cause of the stuttering.

Here's a good explanation from silicondust

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Thanks @tmm1 & @chDVRuser. Looks like it it is the Symbol Quality, when I checked it was only 11%. Sounds like another trip to the roof to redirect.