Troubleshooting Antenna vs Network issues

I've got one OTA station in particular that's been a thorn in my side. It'll come in perfectly for a time, sometimes days, and then just randomly start glitching and stuttering.

Is there a way to view (or set up) logging from an HDHR or in Channels DVR that will tell me whether glitching is being caused by local network issues or antenna reception issues? The signal meter in the HDHR interface only shows me the levels at a particular moment and doesn't tell me anything about network quality. I'd like to monitor both of those over a continuous period time so I can match it up to these transient glitching fits to better isolate the problem.

If you enable diagnostics on and then email [email protected] with your device ID they can tell you what's going on.

The status page on that tuner website also shows a network rate and if that dips suddenly then that indicates a network issue.

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