Troubleshooting Multiple Storage Locations

Saw a few forum posts about this but none directly solving my problem. I moved several movies to a new drive to save space on my primary drive. I added the location as an extra storage path through channels and moved the files into that folder. When I try to play the files though I get this error:

Couldn't generate master playlist: Couldn't probe recording

Searched through the forum and saw a different post from when this feature was added suggesting readding the link. So this morning I deleted the link and readded it and now this is my error:

2021/09/08 07:07:21.235732 [ERR] Recording 2021 (Movies\2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) 2020-07-18-2000.mpg) missing: CreateFile M:\Channels DVR\Movies\2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) 2020-07-18-2000.mpg: The system cannot find the file specified.

I confirmed it plays when I copy the file back to the location on my M drive ( channels primary drive) but not on the J drive which is my secondary location. Movies I’ve ripped are stored in a different folder on the J drive so Channels can see that I know.

A secondary related problem is my wife deleted a movie out of Channels a while ago when it wouldn’t play (because of the above) and I just found out about it. I still have the file but Channels doesn’t have in my library any more and older than my backups. Any way to add that back into the library so comskip works?

Submit diagnostics from your dvr

Logs have been submitted.



@tmm1 Any thoughts? Or do I just need to move everything back to the primary folder?

If so, how would I add the deleted file back into the Channels library?

What is the full path of the file on J:

You have to add it as an import and redetect for commercials

How do you add just one file as an import? I can add a new folder as an import but not just that one file?

Secondary storage location I'm attempting to use is J:\Channels Deep Storage

Screenshot 2021-09-13 153037|569x353

So this file definitely exists?

J:\Channels Deep Storage\Movies\2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) 2020-07-18-2000.mpg

Yes. All files stored in that location have the same problem. I just ran through all of them. There were recorded in Channels, then the files were copied to the J:\ drive after I added that location as an additional storage location.

I ran through each file just now and resubmitted logs. Logs have been submitted as 1c2a37e4-bc7f-42be-9bd2-1e70bc693172 .

That looks incorrect as there is no Movies folder


I'm sorry, I'm an idiot - I didn't think about the fact it was looking for a movies folder, I was looking at the file path specifically as listed on Channels. If I move everything into a \Movies\ folder everything works. Thanks for your help.