Troubleshooting TVE stream ending prematurely

also getting these errors:

2024/02/05 21:38:37.146456 [HLS] Couldn't generate stream playlist for ch6011-dTVE-Comcast_SSO-ip192.168.1.42: Playlist has not been updated in 25.0261414s


2024/02/05 21:44:38.774941 [HLS] ffmpeg: ch6011-dTVE-Comcast_SSO-ip192.168.1.42-remux: [hls @ 00000000027638c0] Timestamps are unset in a packet for stream 1. This is deprecated and will stop working in the future. Fix your code to set the timestamps properly


2024/02/05 22:00:09.676561 [HLS] Stopping inactive session ch6011-dTVE-Comcast_SSO-ip192.168.1.42

Just switched to direct stream mode and got this

2024/02/05 23:02:56.069658 [SNR] Rewriter statistics for (office) for ch6011 CCP: discontinuity_detected=36 transport_errors=0 saw_pcr=true saw_pmt=true highest_pts=875.830167

discovery is good. thanks.

What are those other errors related to.

@techpro2004 I would have to see diagnostics from the DVR to have any idea.

submitted logs.


fyi, build 2024.02.06.0429 seems to be better. will test more over the next few days.

spoke too soon. new logs submitted.


It looks like you're running into network timeouts with the CDN:

2024/02/06 00:35:48.269573 [SNR] Streaming statistics for (office) for ch6011 CCP: timeouts=8 segment_timeouts=8 playlist_timeouts=0

You may find out more information if you run the Resource Intensive Tests in Troubleshooting.

I switched to quad 9 dns and it seems good now. thanks.

however, I noticed the web ui seems slow to load. I have tried both firefox and edge. thanks.