True Charts Chrome corrupt

Hey all,

I'm a bit new to Truenas Scale and True charts. I've had Channels running in Truenas scale for several months. Recently I had an issue with Direct TV and uninstalled DirectTV and tried to re add it. When that didn't work I re-installed channels from the chart (and have done so twice) None of my direct tv channels work. Under channels troubleshooting it says my chrome install is corrupt. Any ideas on how I can chrome installed correctly?
Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 3.24.54 PM

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So even clicking upgrade chrome doesn't fix it? I know a while ago Channels updated the Docker to include a newer version of Chrome. I have no idea if who ever is updating the True charts version has been updated. One of the main reasons I went away from Truenas to proxmox and run debian linux instead.

So I click the upgrade it looks like it does something, it even turns green and says successful. If I Refresh the page it still stays green. But, when I go to load a channel, the channel doesn’t load. If I go back to the troubleshooter it says chrome is corrupt

Yeah I remember running into something like that before. Update and every time you try to scan for channels then go back to the troubleshoot page it seemed to revert back to what it was before. You could always try to manually setup channels instead of using the true chart. That is what I ran for a few months before ditching truenas.

Yeah I think I'm going to at least try to run it as a docker container in truenas before I completely give up