Truncated(?) audio with VoiceOver

I am getting some truncated audio when I have VoiceOver enabled.
For example:
When finished watching a recording, I press the home button to go back to the home screen to move to another app, and the VoiceOver voice says the name of the app, but only the last bit is audible. It also happens when pressing the back button when watching live/recorded tv and going to the guide.

This happens on an ATV with only internal TV speakers, an ATV with a connected soundbar/sub combo, and an ATV connected to a receiver.

It becomes (un)truncated, but I haven't an idea on why it goes back to normal.
Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Try changing audio driver under settings playback advanced


Thanks for the reply,
Per your instructions last week regarding audio glitches, each of the ATV's have the experimental audio driver chosen.
Any other suggestions?

Does it happen with default driver? If so we can try to fix the glitching issue on there. In general we don't have a lot of control over audio and voiceover as it's handled by the OS

I tried to replicate this since I’m sighted but also know how to use VoiceOver. Unfortunately I had no luck. What navigation style are you using? What rate do you have it speaking at? Are you using a different voice than Samantha? Do you have a Braille display attached?

Dang, I cannot figure out how to quote.

Tomorrow I will try changing out the audio driver on one of the ATV's and will report back.
As always, sincere thanks for your time.

Thanks for the reply!
Navigation style > I'm not sure, I'll get back with you.
VoiceOver voice > I'm using downloaded Siri voice, at a speed of 58%.
No braille display.

Things to check tomorrow:
Audio driver
Navigation style
VoiceOver voice > will try Samantha

No luck trying:
Change VoiceOver voice back to Samantha.
Change Navigation style from direct touch to follow focus.
Changing audio driver back to default
It's not a huge deal, I'll try slowing the voiceover read rate and see what happens.
Thanks for the suggestions!

No change with slowing speech rate down.

That is so odd. Have you tried the beta version of the app? I did not see any difference between the two, but it probably wouldn't hurt to try.

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It certainly isn't just Channels.
This behavior occurs when navigating the ATV UI. It also happens under different audio setups.
3 ATV's:
Bedroom TV the audio comes from the TV speakers, no external audio devices.
Living room TV has a soundbar/sub combo, connected to the TV via the ARC HDMI port.
Theater TV audio via Yamaha TSR-7850 receiver.

It is pretty confounding and it is driving me a bit crazy. I've tried using the ATV remote app on the phone, it just doesn't have the feel of the remote.

Wish I knew what differences your setup has to mine.
When mentioning this on a technology Q&A for the blind, the facilitator of the Q&A seemed familiar with the issue.

You mentioned the ATV remote app, does it not happen when you use that? I am using a Bluetooth remote (Sofabaton U1). I wonder if that's the difference. I'll try to locate my Siri remote and see if it makes a difference.

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Just tried it with the Siri remote and I still can't reproduce the issue. I'm using the first generation Apple TV 4K (A1842) using my TV (onn 100071705) speakers.

Although something did just occur to me. It might have something to do with your HDMI audio devices sleeping when they are not in use. I use a TV as my work computer monitor, and I noticed the other day that when I was testing a site with NVDA, the first second of the audio cut out. I thought it was NVDA, but after some Googling I discovered it was because the onboard audio of the TV goes inactive and takes a second to wake up. When I switched to the onboard speakers in my computer, the issue went away. Unfortunately, there isn't a way that I know of to use the Apple TV with an analog audio connection, but maybe a higher speed HDMI cable might help?

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Thanks so much for trying to pin this bugger down. I am using the ATV that was released last year. Livng room is the 128gb version with ethernet, the other two are the 64gb wifi version.
I am not sure about the HDMI going to sleep, or possibly I'm not understanding.
For example, watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime, pressing the home button on the Siri remote twice, I have set up to go back to the home screen, and the truncation begins. I'll change the focus around the screen for a while and the truncation eventually goes away.

Do you have your TV set to output PCM, or another audio format?

See this Reddit thread: No sound for a few seconds

Not sure about the audio output format. I’ll try to find out.

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