Trying to find the right streaming service

I should say - trying to find the right combination of steaming service and streaming devices for Channels. I have Spectrum internet and Shield with Sling TV.

Sling sucks and for whatever reason I can no longer record the History channel on Channels. (Apparently History is now restricting their service)

Philo has History but not Bravo (my 2 most watched networks.

YTTV doesn't even have History! (Hard to believe)

Spectrum TV looks promising but their app isn't available on Shield (Unbelievable )

So I was going to switch to Roku so I could use Spectrum and find out Channels isn't supported on Roku.

Unless one of you has some brilliant idea, that leaves me nowhere to go. (Not going to Apple TV - been there, done that, hated it)

All I want are History and Bravo. I have OTA for local channels -

Maybe Frndly or Philo for History & Peacock for next day Bravo might work without paying $70/month.

It looks like both Bravo and History channel are carried by Hulu Live TV and DirectTV Stream.

A while ago someone posted the link below to give you info on what streaming services carry which networks.

CNET compares: Philo vs. Sling TV vs. Fubo TV vs. Hulu with Live TV vs. YouTube TV vs. AT&T TV - Google Sheets

If you are OK with just streaming shows from those networks. Just use Peacock for Bravo and Discovery+ for History channel. This could potentially save you quite a bit of money.

Thanks. I forgot about Hulu. I tried it a year ago and there wasn't much then. I;ll give it another shot.

Just a note about Discovery+ and History
I have Discovery+ but the History channel programming is not new - all old episodes and even then many shows are missing.

Discovery (now WBD) does not own History. History is owned by A+E Networks.

With the HBO Max / Discovery+ merger and rebranding as Max, I understand that new shows will be added to Max the same night as they air on cable TV. See the article linked below.

I don't know this will happen with History channel shows, but I did see that Max does have last night's episode of Deadliest Catch available. If someone lists a few History channel shows with new episode & season numbers, I'll look to see if they are available on Max.

If Max puts new episodes for Animal Planet shows and Disney+ does the same for Nat Geo Wild shows, I may be able to drop Live-TV from Hulu.

I just setup an account with and tagged all the shows we watch. I even got an email today from alerting me to the new Deadliest Catch episode.

HBO Max Is Merging With Discovery+ & Rebranding to Max Tomorrow - Here is The New Price, What is Being Added, & Everything You Need to Know | Cord Cutters News

I'm using Philo and FRNDLY to feed my channels DVR with different channels.