Trying to understand the Library

So.... maybe someone can explain how the Library works in Channels 4.0 (Apple TV 4K)... the "Up next" shows 6 TV series.... yet, scrolling down to "Recently Recorded" shows 8 (or more) tv series.... why don't the others show up in the "Up next" category? (As it used to.). I recorded some stuff 1-2 weeks ago, and never saw them (out of sight, out of mind) and just discovered them - they did get recorded, but I needed to scroll down to see them. Is this expected behavior, or am I not doing something right? Been a Channels user from the beginning, but still getting my bearings in 4.0. Thanks!

You're hitting a bug in the DVR pre-release build you're using. A fix is coming shortly.

aHa! Thanks! And thanks for working so hard to squish bugs like this! I've loved Channels, but this was making me think I was no longer smart enough to use it. :slight_smile: