TS4K Audio/Video sync issues

I've been having quite a few audio/video sync issues with TVE channels - especially my local ABC and NBC stations.

Essentially video seems to be always ahead a tad on TVE channels on the TS4K (problem is not happening on my FireTVs), however lately on those locals it gets so far out-of-sync that it becomes unwatchable, I also notice the video to stutter as well.
Is there anything new going on or are they just producing a crappy stream? Had issues with those locals for a while now - recordings had missing chunks and all.

It doesn't make a big difference if software or video rendering.
Just submitted diagnostics.

Uninstall/reinstall. This is a common issue with TS4K devices. Toggle surround sound at the system level too. See if that helps at all.

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Thanks! Reinstalled and disabled surround at system level (never knew that thing existed there).
All is fine now!

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