TS4K remote channel up/down issue

I'm new to Channels DVR and running the latest stable version (2021.05.26.1807). I have the remote mapped using the Channels button detector. I'm having issues with two features on the remote and wonder if I'm doing something wrong or if there's a solution. I have Channel Surfing set to Favorites. The first issue is with the channel up/down buttons. They do work,but only for a few button presses. Once I press on of the up/down buttons five times the screen freezes and Channels DVR crashes and then restarts.. The second issue is with the Live button. It does change to the previous channel viewed, but again the screen freezes and Channels DVR crashes and restarts. My work around in changing channels is to hit the down button and scroll through the Quick Guide at the top of the screen.

What client device are you using?

Disregard my original message. I did a factory reset on the TS4K and this time I did the initial configuration on the device rather than letting it copy from my tablet. When I reloaded the Channels DVR app it seems to have downloaded a newer version that what I originally had. Everything now seems to be working.the way I expected.

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