Tuner Not Available on one client


I've got strange problem all of a sudden and I can't seem to figure it out.

I've got two Quatros and 7 ATV4s using a Mac Mini as the Channels DVR.

One client will not tune any channel at all citing "Tuner Not Available". All other clients seems to work just fine and so does the SD app.

There've been no network changes other than to switch this problem client from wireless to wired to test - no difference.

I've restarted the DVR software, the two Quatros, the problem ATV and, like I said, moved it from wireless to wired.

Tuner sharing is on, but turning it off makes no difference either.

The problem client can connect to the DVR just fine, displays guide info, and plays recordings without issue.

I'm probably overlooking something obvious but I need some help pointing me to it.

The logs aren't helping:

2018/12/21 15:46:13 [TNR] Opened connection to 10733E59 for ch22.1
2018/12/21 15:46:13 [TNR] Closed connection to 10733E59 for ch22.1

I've submitted a diagnostic from the problem client.



Answering my own post...

I deleted the Channels app and reinstalled it and the problem seems to have resolved itself.

I suspect this is some sort of a bug, speculating that some sort of temp file was needing to be cleaned up but that's just me guessing.