"Tuner not available"

Whats does this mean? Do I have a reception, network or a HDhomerun problem?

Need more details. What device are you on? At home or remote

2 ATV and 2 4Ks - at home hard wired

Next time this happens go to the bottom of the Settings tab and click Submit Diagnostics > Video Player.

Usually Tuner Not Available means all your HDHR tuners are in-use. But it can also mean other things- maybe the IP of your HDHR changed, or something else.

I have a new Flex 4K and it worked for about 12 hours not I get maybe 10 seconds of video then it freezes. I close app go back in and then get tuner not reachable. I have a static IP on the HDHomeRun Flex 4K. I can use the HDHomeRun app but I find that if Channels DVR tries to access the Flex 4K the HDHomeRun app will eventually freeze its channel menu. Thinking there is either a compatibility issue with Flex 4K or the unit is bad.