Tuner Sharing Broken in Latest Release and Beta


Diagnostics Submitted (use second submission today)

I was hoping this issue would go away; but the latest beta has the same issue. Tuner sharing does not work on the Apple TV. It used to work—including in the previous beta that expired.

Yes, the home runs are in the same order.

Yes, tuner sharing is turned on.

Tuner sharing works fine on iOS.

Press record on channel 2.1 (HDHomeRun status shows tuner 0 in use.)
Play channel 2.1 live (HD HomeRun status shows tuners 0 and 3 in use.)

As I said, diagnostics submitted.

I’m not sure why the AppleTV started assigned tuners high to low. It’s been doing this for a while.


Looks like there might be a stale manual dvr url that's causing issues. Try Connect to DVR > Away From Home and then hit OK without entering any text. Then quit/restart the app.


Did as you requested. No change in behavior. Diagnostics submitted.

I was thinking that the new behavior on the Apple TV app of picking tuner 3 rather than tuner 0 (even when no tuners are in use) might have something to do with the issue.


Still showing that it's connecting to manual DVR url on your custom domain. The Connect to DVR dialog expects an IP address, so the fact that you used a hostname is breaking some stuff including streaming connections.

Entering a empty IP is supposed to clear out the setting but that may not be working.. actually I told you to click Away from Home but I think you're supposed to do At Home and then enter blank there.

It is normal for the app to use tuners in opposite order when connecting to HDHRs directly. This has been the behavior since v1.4.2


I did try to use a hostname at one time just for fun. I have no problem with discovery, so it was just an experiment. I don’t know how to remove it.

I’ve just deleted both the release app and the beta on the Apple TV, and still the same problem. I’ve submitted diagnostics again. Do you still see the hostname?

Edit: BTW, when I choose connect, away from home, I never actually connect; but I just kill and start the app anyway. Is that what you meant me to do?


Hostname is gone now. Is tuner sharing turned on after the reinstall?


Ahh, forgot that part after I deleted everything. Turned it on and it is working. Thank you!!!!