Tuner Sharing with tvOS Not working

It is not working in the current prod version 3.2.35, but does work in the current beta version: 4.11

Not working?

Does not work in PROD release 3.2.35.

Works in current Beta release, 4.11.

What does "not work" mean? What is happening? Is it playing video, showing an error, using multiple tuners... ??

The turner sharing feature does not appear to work. Meaning, if I start a program on one appleTV and then start on an iOS device, the DVR log does not show that the two clients are sharing a connection. They each appear to be taking a tuner.

When I use two devices that work with turner sharing the DVR log show that the connection is being shared.

As far as other functions. All device appear to play content, live or recorded, just fine.

Please submit Diagnostic logs from the DVR and provide an approximate time when the tuner sharing didn’t use the same tuner.

Just for a data point, I set tuner sharing on my AppleTV and then watched the same channel on my Android phone. I don't have an iOS phone.


I just fired-up the same channel on our Apple TV and a Fire TV. Only one tuner in use, as per HDHomeRun Config.

I'm using production releases all around.

I submitted diagnostics from my DVR and event time is between 10AM and 11:30 AM. You will see the are time that two clients do share, but I was running a test with three clients. Two where sharing and the third did not. The two clients where iOS devices and the third was an AppleTV.

Just fired-up another client on my iPad. Still only one tuner in use here.

Here's what I see when AppleTV is running. Tuner sharing is enabled on AppleTV.


Please submit diagnostics from the Apple TV.

Thanks for the logs. Can you try Connect to DVR > At Home and enter the IP of your DVR


After manually entering the IP of the DVR it appears to be working again.

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@carterbunch can you try submitting the Diagnostics from the DVR again? It doesn't look like they went through.

On the DVR, please go to Help -> Submit Diagnostic Logs.