Tuner unavailable over Ethernet but works over WiFi

Some time last week, Channels froze up and couldn’t play any channel then showed Tuner Unavailable (HDHomerun Prime). I unplugged the Ethernet cable and it started working immediately. No issues with any other apps over Ethernet and my Plex server can tune just fine connected to the same switch. I’d prefer to use Ethernet since my WiFi drops for a second or two every hour or two and it’s minor annoyance. Any ideas?

Try restarting the app? Click home twice and swipe up.

Tried that, also restarted ATV, router and HDHR. Issue persists.

Can you click Submit Diagnostics in the app (bottom of Settings) and post your HDHR device ID after the logs upload. Do this after trying to play something over Ethernet.

Do apps like InstaTV or VLC play from your HDHR?

Was there any update on this? I'm having a similar issue where when plugged in via Ethernet (MoCA adapter), some regular cable channels will show "Tuner Unavailable", but not all channels though. I'm on different networks when connected via Ethernet, and I port forward at the gateway. It works on the other wired ATV 4K in the house. It also doesn't work when choosing "Away From Home" and going out and back in over the Internet.

I've restarted the Channels DVR server, restarted the ATV 4K, killed the Channels app on the ATV 4K, but can't seem to shake it. Again, it works fine over wireless when the ATV 4K and the Channels DVR server are on the same subnet.

yeah i assume their has been an update. Mine keeps stopping too, but its not the DVR as i can fire up the nvidia shield and that works fine, just the ATV. I even tried my IPTV that i've got linked to the dvr as i assumed it was maybe the antenna, but that would cut out too.