Tuner use question

Hello, I am sorry if this is a basic question .

my hdhomerun prime is slowly dying, so I picked up another. Until it does die, I want to use both.
On my TV's if I leave both tuners "checked" I believe I will see the shows listed twice is that correct? If so, and I leave one unchecked... the same one... on all TV's. Will a tuner from that ever be used? does the DVR server part of this use tuners at will or will I only ever be given a tuner from the checked one?

hope that makes sense.

No, channels will appear only once.

If a tuner is uncheck it will not be used.

The DVR has its own priority and tuner list on the web UI. It will use any tuner which has guide data set underneath it.

Is this true with TVE channels as well since they have alternative names with "go" and the like?

Thank you for your answers btw, you are always very helpful.

The app will still try to combine them but may fail if some of them are vastly different.

Thanks again.