Tuners In Use display counter?


I'm wondering if it would be simple enough to enable a Tuners In Use counter line item.

In the Tuners section of the app (all platforms), a simple section that tells you how many tuners are currently in us (live TV and currently recording) and how many tuners in total exist on the network. So in the pictured example, 2 tuners in total are in use and since the only model on the network is a single Extend, the app knows that counts as 4 total tuners, hence 2 of 4. If the setup was, say, two Extends and a Prime 3-Tuner, the same scenario would read 2 of 11, etc. Having it displayed on screen, especially for families, would be great rather than playing a guessing game or checking my.hdhomerun.com.


EDIT: The Extend is obviously 2 tuners, that's what I get for editing an image from Google and not taking the time to think. The "of 4" would be "of 2" and the additional setup example "of 11" would be "of 7", but you got the idea.


The big problem with showing this status is that it can be wrong almost as soon as you display it on screen. If someone on some other device connects or disconnects from a tuner, the app has no idea.


I'm getting my wires crossed. Back when I used Tablo, any channel that any TV was tuned in to would blink to show it was in use. Channels has never done this, and obviously I don't know how it is that Tablo was able to. Possibly because of their proprietary hardware. My best guess, if you were to try to implement this, would be that it would involve interfacing with a SiliconDust API as clearly my.hdhomerun.com is able to tell in real time what tuners are in use. Just spit-balling here, beyond basic concepts I know nothing of programming.


The only way to do this accurately would be to have a one second timer, and keep checking the state from each of the hdhomeruns and update the UI every second to match. It's not very elegant and uses a lot of resources, so it hasn't been a priority.


Could the UI state change in itself (the act of navigating to the Tuner section) be a trigger to run a check on the state of the tuners? If not, then yeah, I suppose there's no lightweight way of handling it.


Even the my.hdhomrun.com doesn't update dynamically, you have to refresh the page to get the latest status. It's possible you could do the same thing, but just add a @DATE TIME [email protected]/26/18 18:30 underneath to indicate when the tuner information was pulled. Just let the entry into the settings screen be the time that the information is pulled.