Turn off Kids Mode - IOS

So I was checking out all the setting on my channelsdvr app on my iphone. One of them was a slider for kids only. I said hmm lets see what this does.

As expected it blocked everything except kids channels and changed the setting icon to be the downloads icon.

Now I cant figure out how to turn off kids mode on my iphone.

Please help

I have no settings option so I can not send ios diagnostics

Server side diagnostics if this helps:
Logs have been submitted as 1c119d8a-ee0e-419e-9c62-8f4ba744625e. Please send an email to [email protected] to give details about the issue you're having.

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Image from my ipad showing what the slider looked like

Image of my iphone screen now locked on kids mode

Use server side settings to turn it off. Add the setting and then turn it off.

Hey Maddox it was never turned on on the server side. I tried checking the box to turn it on then turn it off but that didn't do anything.

It doesn't matter if it was set on the client first, clients adopt the Server Side Settings no matter what.

  • Please send as screenshot of the setting.
  • Try force quitting the app and restarting it