TV App integration


I’m pretty sure some sort of authorization is needed by Apple to make this happen, but MAN wouldn’t it be cool, if what we catch on our antennas was able to mesh with our iTunes purchases of movies and TV shows in a single app???

Apps that work with the TV App still require you to have the app downloaded, so Channels would still make that sale.

I just wish it would work together like that


Yeah, but nobody actually uses the TV app! :grinning:


Better off not purchasing itunes content and backing up your own disks and running a plex server.


Don’t know that is true. I know a lot of people that use the TV app and LOVE it for it’s simplicity, and are fully vested in the Apple Ecosystem (including buy/renting music, tv shows and movies from Apple). I would say to each their own, and what Apple put together works for most, some will want to have more control themselves and go with Plex and Ripping.


Don’t get me wrong - I have Apple everything. But I tried the TV app, and it really didn’t do much for me. But I do use Plex and love it. I supposed if my movie collection was in iTunes rather than being ripped, I might be more into the TV app.


Anything I don’t have through antenna, I buy on iTunes.

So for me, this would work VERY VERY well in my favor.

I did look into Plex. I just wasn’t sold to it. I don’t have anything in discs, I don’t pirate, and I don’t like the idea of having to maintain the health of a storage volume so I don’t lose all my stuff.

Right now, if a comet were to hit my house, I’d lose my recorded tv shows from Channels, but anything via iTunes I still have. I like that.


I only use Apple TV now. Only have the Apple TV box and HD home run in the tv cabinet now. Use the dvr running on my iMac and recordings to my airport. Works really well.

I tend to buy movies on iTunes now. Going to upgrade to a 4K Apple TV and tv soon and hen a lot of the movies I already have in iTunes support 4K and they are updating more everyday.

Kids only really watch Netflix now and the Apple TV app works pretty well too.

Only problem is the tv cabinet looks empty :wink:


Not true. We use it all the time. I just wish Channels would support it.


Viewing your iTunes “Library” videos alongside shows from other apps is only one feature of the TV app.

Even if you don’t buy/rent from iTunes, if you watch multiple other sources the TV app is nice because it consolidates “all” your shows into one app. So you can decide what to watch next, without having to go through multiple apps. E.g. you can see your favourites from BBC iPlayer alongside the shows you watch from Amazon Prime and ITV.

So also seeing all your Channels recordings in the TV app would be nice. So would seeing videos from your Plex library. But I believe when this was raised with Plex, they said the TV app needed a central online feed of shows which wouldn’t work for apps like Plex and Channels where a local, user-specific feed is required. So I could be wrong, but I don’t believe this is in Channels’ hands and would require some changes in Apple’s side.

(It’s also a shame Netflix isn’t supported, but they clearly want to keep people in the main Netflix app.)


Well, looks like Sony's PlayStation Vue TV streaming service is now integrated into the TV app.....

So does this mean that it is also possible for Channels?????? C'mon that would be awesome!


As soon as we’re the size as Sony and Apple execs meet with us!

Get all your friends subscribed to Channels DVR!


I love this response. :rofl:

Yeah, as much as this would be amazing to have, you guys have to realize that Apple is a very tightly closed ecosystem. Unless Apple decides to do something crazy and open OS level things up in the near future to independent developers, which isn't very likely at all, it's really not possible for these guys (Channels) to integrate with the tvOS TV app.

It's not like something that has an open API or SDK available for anybody to jump in on, it's controlled by Apple. Apple would have to view Channels as a nationally recognized company that they felt was going to massively enhance their revenue stream through hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of subscription purchases. As great as these guys at Channels are, and as underrated as this app is, it's realistically nowhere near the level it would have to be for something like this to happen.

SUMMARY: It's pretty safe to put this idea to bed, because at no fault of Channels, it's just not realistic.