TV contracts are complicated

Overnight I lost about 30 channels (Channel scan 11/193 XXX failed: unavailable in current location) after getting a not authorized error, trashing and trying again. I assume my provider just doesn't have access anymore, but I suppose that's the nature of the beast.

Contracts last many years and things don't change quickly.

It sounds like you're running some type of VPN and that's interfering with TVE authentication.

Ah, that's probably it. It was a strange collection of channels (Disney Jr, but not Disney, etc) that went missing so I didn't think about that.

Edit: Actually for most of them that went missing, the error is : DISNEYJR failed: notAuthorized: You are not authorized to view this content.

The not authorized error could still be because of something like VPN. It's extremely common for these servers to do checks against the IP's likely location, and reject stuff that appears suspect to block account sharing. So if it suddenly looks like your IP is coming from across the country, or from a different one, it can block access.

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This will also happen if you downgrade or change your cable package and u no longer have access to those channels not in the package. My folks downgraded Comcast package to save money and those channels (like Nat Geo Wild, DIY, Disney etc, went away in Channels and gave Not authorized error.

Actually, I don't think this has anything to do with VPN (it happens with our without it). Is there any portal to validate the credentials? I saw an example in another thread for hallmark, is there an equivalent for Disney jr?

Who's your provider? If it's Spectrum, they have problems with TVEverywhere auth all the time.

It's WOW. This has turned out to be a cascading effect - first my TVE quit working, then about a week later access to shows/live tv in the Disney NOW app stopped, and then a few days later (as of this am) the channels themselves on the DVR now say not authorized. I haven't changed my package, so I need to call them and figure out what's going on.

It appears that WOW has downgraded some of my HD channels to SD only, for whatever reason. The line seems to be I'm still getting them, so they don't see a problem. Nothing changed in the contract or plan AFAIK. Seems like a side effect of this is I don't get digital access to them anymore. Thanks for all the input.