TV Everywhere Awsome Rearrange channels location?

Now that I have a lot of channels on my ChannelsDVR I am wondering if I can rearrange the channels location on my guide? Custom channels. I would like to have certain ones at the top!

Right now there's no way to adjust the order of the entire lineup.

In the Channels clients, you can mark your favorite channels. You can then change the order of those channels when on the Favorites filter.

Exactly how do I rearrange channels when I'm in my favorites filter? What is Channels Clients?

I think it would be an improvement if, when in the All Channels, section of the guide the favorites could be listed first. For example:



This way you limit confusion of the filters, allow the most used channels to be at the top of the guide, and still provide easy access to the entire guide.

In the Channels apps

Which app are you using for watching with Channels? No matter what, you should be able click and hold a favorite channel and it will let you organize it.

Here's a video showing it.

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Wow! Been a Channels DVR user since inception. Wasn’t aware of these videos. Nice surprise!


We made a few back in April

Got it Thanks

If organization of channels gets rolled out in the future, please make it a server side feature so it pushes to all clients. Have 5 ATV4s and changing the order on 1 is bad enough with current process, having to change on 5 devices is torture.

:+1::+1::+1: we feel your pain and that’s the plan.