TV Everywhere - Directv not working

My auto login credentials via TVE not working. Apparently with the ATT sale of Directv some of the APIs seem broken. Error message I receive says via TVE says no login form found.

I'm not sure it's specific to the spin off, as that hasn't actually happened yet. However, DirecTV credentials are failing for many TVE networks here as well, across many different families of networks. WarnerMedia, NBCUniversal, A+E Networks, and others are all failing to stream here as well. Most are 400 errors, but I think I've seen a few others this morning, too.

I think the spinoff is final as of 2 days ago. I can no longer add Directv as a channels source under my admin panel for channels. I am now left with only over the air (antenna) channels. Clearly a significant problem.

After trying to login via NBC's app and website, it is failing to link because DirecTV's auth gateway has an expired certificate. Also, I can't get the DirecTV app to even open on my phone.

So, I think this is just a error and a forgotten certificate renewal, and will probably rectify itself in a bit.

Looks like it expired 2 hours ago:


I have a household full of Olympic fanatics so this isn't going over too well this morning! Thanks for troubleshooting

I can confirm this too... Just in time to disappoint my 5 yr old who was waiting for Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends.

Another update to this:

It's not just TV Everywhere authentication that is down, but DirecTV's own apps are having issues, too. Just did a quick check on the Twitterverse to see what others might be saying, and it's a pretty widespread outage. The up-side is that this will probably get greater exposure, and a faster resolution.

However, until that time, just be patient, as complaining here won't fix DirecTV's mess.

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Update 2:

DirecTV has finally responded/acknowledged that there is an authentication issue, and they are working on a fix.

Update 3:

DirecTV authentication is now working again.


Thanks for running this down. Have a nice weekend.

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