TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

Only Chrome is supported.

Please submit logs as requested in the TVE Beta announcement so we can fix this case.

Please submit logs of the failure when Auto Authentication was enabled.

Please email support with the logs and details about which channels this is happening on.

If you can find their website and they have a cable login option and live stream on their website, then we can add it. Otherwise it is not possible.

All of these providers use complicated login mechanisms which cannot be easily automated.

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This looks very cool! I'm trying to wrap my mind around the use case for it, though. Is this basically a way to use Channels without the need to purchase HDHomeRun hardware? You would still need a cable subscription in order to use TV Everywhere, right?

I will give you my use case. At one point I was using Frontier FiOS cheapest tv plan with 2 hdhomerun cc and the cost was about $200 a month with my internet (150/150). I dropped TV and changed my internet to 200/200 for about $80 per month. Then I got DTV Now for about $35 which is now $55 with HBO and about 115 channels (original plan). But the UI is not very good. No other streaming service is very good. I considered going back to FiOS TV CC but I would rather put my money into streaming services that I can better control. I now have hdhomerun OTA for my local channels and we would use DTV NOW for other channels that we watch LIVE. With this feature we can add some of our streaming channels as part of the Channels UI (live and dvr) which we feel is superior to all other options. We also like local dvr recording and the ability to easily skip commercials.


I just sent my LOG via email to [email protected].

TVE: get https - 400 error

Is it possible to get more than today’s and the next day’s guide data for TVE channels? It’s a bit restrictive to not be able to schedule recordings for shows beyond one day from now.

The DVR downloads 14 days of guide data for all channels. If you're not getting that, please email [email protected] with screenshots/logs showing the problem.

Amazing. Just finished setup. I will be trying it out tonight.

Thanks, seems like I’m only getting the typical 14 day data with my OTA channels. I’ll try a restart when I get home and send the logs if it isn’t resolved.

This is amazing. Between my 3-tuner HDHomeRun Prime and the extra tuner capacity for some channels via TV Everywhere, I probably won't need a 6-tuner HDHomeRun Prime anymore (if it ever comes out).

The only wish I have is the ability to 'upgrade' recordings from TVE to Cable.

Currently, because I live in California, many of my Xfinity channels are 3-hour-delayed west coast feeds. TVE gets me east coast feeds for many channels too, which is awesome because that means I get new episodes sooner.

But this also means that my DVR recordings of new episodes will often be bad 24fps-to-60fps-to-30fps conversions, which have a lot of motion judder, because the TVE channel will have the new episode first.

The HDHomeRun feeds for these channels have the 60fps frame rate, which does a much better job at showing motion in shows produced in 24fps. So if Channels could be configured to re-record the show on the HDHomeRun, I would get the best of both worlds (new episodes 3 hours earlier, plus a higher quality cable recording once it's available).

(Alternatively, Channels could incorporate some sort of detection and mitigation for a 24fps-to-60fps-to-30fps pulldown pattern. Or maybe the cable broadcasters could just start doing a better job encoding their TVE feeds...)

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By the way, TV Everywhere is also getting me CNN International, which Comcast offers only on TV Everywhere. And it's getting me C-SPAN 1, 2, and 3 in HD, which are only available as awful letterboxed SD channels over normal cable TV here. So that's pretty great!

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This is great got extra XFINITY Channels ... the only channel I am missing is TLC plus the others that are posted as not available.... but I do get 3 additional FX channels.

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Got it. That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the explanation!

Looks like there was a bug in the Android TV app causing some TVE streams to pause/stop playing randomly. A new beta app is being released now with the fix. (Join the app beta via

I am getting the error below when trying to use my PSVue credentials.

I have a question I have highspeed download from XFINITY ... when watching on my Shield is it better set the internet playback to Original or does it not really matter ? Just curious as I prefer not transcoding on my SYNOLOGY if i do not have to.

If you are at home, then you should always keep it at Original. Otherwise your DVR will be unnecessarily converting the video to more compressed format for no reason.

Channels 6700-6703 where the names all start with AS-. What are these and can they get a Channel ICON and Guide Data? They are on both PS VUE and DTV NOW.

Also, 6040 TCMP - currently playing a Black and White SD Show.

The issue with PSVue has been fixed in the latest pre-release build. Update and try again, and let us know how it works out.

How many streams can you record ? is there a limit ?

Edit did some testing ... Did not want to push it past 7 streams.

Recording ch6052 for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit until 3:30PM.

Recording ch6033 for Family Guy until 3:30PM.

Recording ch6037 for Impractical Jokers until 3:30PM.

Recording ch6041 for Teen Titans Go! until 3:15PM.

Recording ch6057 for The Adventures of Puss in Boots until 3:30PM.

Recording ch6753 for The Conduit (2016) until 5:02PM.

Processing recording TV/Criminal Minds/Criminal Minds S05E09 2009-11-25 100 2019-06-12-1400.mpg

Detecting commercials in Criminal Minds S05E09 2009-11-25 100 2019-06-12-1400.mpg.

Watching ch6752 CHARGE from

It worked now, thank you.

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