TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

Share your experiences with the TV Everywhere Beta here! Please use this thread to share any positive or negative experiences you're having with this new experimental feature.

Please include the name of your cable provider, the device where you are running Channels DVR server, and the streaming device you're running Channels app on.

If you're having problems with your login not working or missing channels, please use our feedback form instead.


I just logged in and started using it. Thank you so much for doing this!

My only issue so far is the buffering of the stream... similar to the issues we had when first running SD PTV. I get buffering every few seconds. This happens when running on my Shield TV. Seems to run ok, so far, on a FireTV Stick 4k. Also, running on Synology DS718+.

Great Job!


Working great with my PSVue credentials. Thank you for unifying our television watching experience into a single application! WAF is very high! :wink:

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Do you have to have Chrome or any Chromium browser ie: Opera, Edge (Chromium Beta), Brave?

Wow! This is a game changer! Everything is working so far. I have set a few shows to record. I will give more feedback later today.

What is issue with the OTT providers? I have YouTube TV. I would love to use this feature.

A lot of the the OTT providers have limited access to TV Everywhere. You can see what YouTube TV supports here. Cross reference it with the channels listed in the announcement post to see which channels you would be able to get.

We have only supported those few OTT services that have enough channels to be worth it.

I'm having an issue logging in.. I tried to log in to Xfinity through their site and I get the same thing nothing needs to be updated so I just clicked continue. Any suggestions?


I am getting this error when trying to add XFINITY

encountered exception 'Uncaught' (5:5)

You may be having this same issue, see this post for a possible fix


Thanks that did it.

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Im also having issues logging in. I filled out the tv everywhere feedback form but for some reason it wouldn't attached the screenshot, so here it is. thanks. ChannelsDVRerror

It's attaching, it just isn't showing feedback that it is on the page. I'll work on making that better. Thanks!

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This is a great addition ... Thank You

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This works great for the most part here. I have had some issues with "get https://......" error and then I try again or close Channels App and come back in and it is good. It is like a glitch that comes up from time to time. But over all I am very happy with it. Also, changing channels are faster than I was expecting. Very smooth.
I already had Directv Now which had a good number of channels but not enough. PS Vue is better so I added it as well to see how well it worked. I get 89 "Core" channels with PS Vue and 79 DTV NOW channels (I am an original DTV Now with about 115 channels total). I was able to have both my streams added and it works similar (or same) as having multiple HDHomerun's. Very easy integration.

My wife is very very happy to get her (almost all) channels back on the best app for live and recorded tv. Besides local "OTA" Channels (CBS, ABC etc) I mainly like to watch CNN, FOX News, FOX Business (which I needed PS Vue). But I also like the GOLF Channel which is currently not available. Hope to see that at some point.

Really great job integrating with Channels.......... Thanks so much for adding this feature to Channels.

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One of the channels my wife likes on DTV NOW is the "Up" channel. We also had it on FiOS CC when we had that. Do you know anything about it and if it could be supported? Thanks.

Problem solved. Setup in PS Vue problem.

When I signed up for PS VUE I did not get a timeout but I got a page that said I need to go thru additional SETUP. So, I opened a browser and went to (or wherever it was) and then it ask for a number of other bits of information. Once I got past that I was able to add the PS Vue to Channels. Does not sound like your issue but though I would share.

It says in the TV Everywhere beta announcement that YouTube TV is not supported. Also not supported are Philo and Hulu Live. I assumed there was some technical issue that could not be overcome.

Edit: I just saw the edit you made a few minutes ago. YouTube TV is a little behind the other services with their TV Everywhere logins, but it still works on many of the channels.

BRAVO to the devs this is an awesome feature! Iā€™m assuming this is utilizing yt-dl, which is a brilliant idea.

Iā€™m testing some recordings today and will report back if I have any issues, but so far the live streaming seems pretty flawless. I ran into some auth issues earlier with a friends Xfinity account ā€” Comcast was pestering to add a secondary email and security questions. But I went ahead and signed in on another device in an incognito window, was able to dismiss that page, and it allowed my server to get through when I tried to sign on again.

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