TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

This afternoon some channels - Sundance, BBC America, AMC (not exhaustive list) play for ~5 secs and then freeze. Not sure why. This is happening with latest beta and on both IOS and TVOS devices.

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We will see. No way the NFl and the networks will give in

This is happening for me too on BBC America. Beta DVR, stable tvOS app. It also happens on the DVR web UI (here's a screen recording).

To see if it was a problem on BBC America's end, I tried watching their TVE stream in Safari and I did not have any problems there.

I just submitted diagnostic logs from the tvOS app.


Also happens on my in-laws setup with the same channels.

It appears that you cannot use TVE Channel#s for Advanced Passes.

I assume it is due to the required mapping, however just wanted to check if this could be fixed?

You mean Channel == TVEChannel? Works for me
BBC America

Works for me ....

Horror TVE 6753

5 recordings scheduled

Categories == Movie

Channel == 6753

Genres == Horror

User Error :roll_eyes::crazy_face:

Elderly error ? But at least you love the ATV4 remote ... :wink:

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I'm experiencing the same thing, when watching live. Also after the stream hangs when I back out to the guide and attempt to launch the program again it just spins. Beta DVR, tvOS 12.3. Similar issues when I attempted to record.

Please email the errors from the Log when the recoding fails to [email protected]

Same issues with IFC as well. Did not try to record.

Just emailed the logs with the streaming errors and the DVR issue

Sundance, AMC, IFC are working for me. Is the issue fixed now? I don't have BBCA on my cable plan.

I’ll check on BBCA in a little bit. One quick question - does Philo now support History on TVE? Noticed on this site that for many products it is listed as supported -

Tried AMC again and it pauses after about 5 seconds and seems to hang. This time I tried it from an iPad, I switched from PSVue to Philo for this test and had similar experiences. I swiped over to switch to Safari to post this and when I “swiped” back again to Channels showed a buffering icon and then it was streaming fine. Tried BBCA and it buffered about 5 seconds in as well. Oddly enough when I left the app via the swiping navigation mentioned above, BBCA also had started working again, as if in the background it somehow caught up. To test again I closed the stream and selected BBCA again. This time I just waited at the pause, this time around 7 seconds. it hung for over a minute. Swiped away form the App and back quickly and it was showing the buffering icon, but didn’t resume. Swiped back to safari for 20-30 seconds and when I swiped back the buffering icon was still there and it began to stream fine again. I’m going to test with a recording of BBCA show next hour and I’ll let you know if it’s successful.

Streaming to the DVR web UI.
AMC, BBCA, IFC, SUNDANCE & WETV all coming through have the same issue where you get 7-8 secs at start of stream and nothing after. Lots of skipped packets and transport_error_indicator=true in hls logs.

Same problem with AMC here with three different sources.

History (and other A+E networks) don't have live streams available, so they're not available via Channels' TVE support right now.

Ah - that makes sense.