TV Everywhere NBC Olympics

Three channels in the TVE guide on Channels, NBC, NBCSN and NBC Olympic channel are all showing streams from the olympics at 1080i. TV everywhere website says it supports 4k and NBC is supposedly broadcasting these at 4k
Does channels also support 4k via TVE or is it some other reason. Thanks

I’d be shocked if any of the web streams were 4K. They won’t be. They’ll be their normal format.

You watch the limited 4K broadcasts of the Olympics with YouTube TV in their app with their 4K tier. Though their broadcast of the MLB All Star game didn’t go very well.

I see. Thanks mate. I'll try the NBC app and see if I have any luck there. Would have been nice to record at 4k. guess its all too hard atm
E: John so you mention YouTube tv in app. So If I subscribe to the 4k tier, I still cant bring it into channels ?

I think the streams from the NBC Sports app are identical to the ones we get via TVE. They just have an extra Ad when you start a stream.

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Channels uses the web stream from the NBC web site. YouTube TV has nothing to do with the streams. YouTube TV or any other "cable" provider has one task - to log you into the web site that provides the stream. None of the channels that Channels DVR uses come from the cable provider (YouTube TV in your case).

I see thanks so we'll get whatever is broadcast directly via the web. I haven't tried their (NBC)app yet but I heard they were streaming upscaled 1080p HDR as 4k

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I don't suppose there is a TV Everywhere type of connection for the site? Still requires a cable package authentication, but it seems to have basically raw feeds of events.

I guess maybe it would be lacking nationally published EPG data? Maybe it exists somewhere though. They do have a table way down the page with event channels alongside the regular cable channels.

It would be nice for example to just be able to set a pass specifically for the archery channel and automatically get all the archery events.

That would be awesome but I dont think anyones going to invest time unless the are enthusiasts or it has benefit after the olympics are completed

I am enthusiast I could invest time , technically broadcast should be on time with calendar events I did whole iCal calendar for olympics and soon do on my page ics files for individual events.
So if this is possible to get url for individual streams it could be maybe a matter of creating xmltv file

Also Australian channel 7 has a similar guide in their app. As I wrote on Reddit nbc coverage of olympics can be illogical and on nbc sport they provide often wrong info, last time I wanted to watch sailing it is shown as 7 hour broadcast but the file was only 1 hour long.

If anyone interested in calendar


There is also Google sheet with schedule divided by competition with all timeframes in UTC in case someone wants to use it to create epg


Yes I have thanked you on reddit and am using your ical! Its great just way too many events lol. I was trying to see if I could just filter Australian events but unfortunately its not possible cause I think thats in the description which are not searchable.
That 7 guide is pretty good but you're right nothing is going to be exact. its amazing that the Olympic Committee dont already publish this kind of stuff.

Re this, its still early if you want to give it a go Would be great. We are here to test and help

I didnt post that on reddit yet, so you thanked someone else hahaha
Could you provide me a link?

I was waiting with publishing this on Reddit until I finish creating individual files. I did this today Olympics are in early stage so hopefully it’s still time. Which subreddit is good to publish this ? /r/Olympics?

I even get iptv service to have access to streams I have legally in my cable and for other sports channels to record stuff when I sleep, but station EPG regarding Olympics is awfully broken.

In my calendar I tried to mark polish event with polish flag but stopped after few events it’s tooooooo much hassle to do this manually.
To do what you ask in iCal requires e.g to put entire start list in the event note therefore you could search for “AUS”.

I could only find unofficial Olympic API that gets schedule data from official page but there is no access to starting list. Yes it’s very weird that host do not provide clear data with participants, I have some paper magazine for Olympics and they marked polish competitors in schedule in very small font, difficult to track :frowning:

In the meantime for today my job is to publish article for polish blog about how to watch Olympics and why the experience is bad :slight_smile: then correct iCal and sheet and add Athletics schedule which is huge (yes too many events but at least you know what is going on at the moment)

So to summarise i try to contact with author of the api maybe he’s able to add participant list. If that the case or you maybe find another way I can create small SQLite database with ability to search event by country participants

lol ahh I only found one ical on the entire internet for the olympics so I thought it must be you lol. This is thread

See with your calendar, if I search Aus, atleast the team sports come up but yes you are right, you want the start list and be able to track it.
Channel 7plus page also has individual channel streams under live. I dont know if thats any better for you.

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Thanks, so probably there are two people in the world who did calendar! :slight_smile:
I have to increase my pace of work which is difficult to do during Olympics when you need to watch something in the middle :wink: Hopefully I do post on Reddit tomorrow and you may send thanks too :slight_smile:
It's good to know community which is ready to help, I am doing all that work alone because I couldn't find anyone to help. So I assume at least here people will be helpfull to test and share remarks :slight_smile:

The problem with streams is always you never know if the URL is the same or constantly changing. With the latter it's more complicated but it's doable in similar way I did MusicChoice m3u generator for Directv.
If someone gave me that idea sooner before Olympics maybe we were ready to go.


I found on Channel 7 e.g Rugby Channel 23 works in my browser and VLC under the link,TOK23.m3u8?appId=7plus&deviceType=web&platformType=web&ppId=30a3b107cbe5339a6aabdc7374d0e30d49269f42074fe3338fafabd5889b1c32&videoType=live&accountId=5650355166001&advertId=null&uaId=null&optinDeviceType=&optinAdTracking=0&pc=1000&deviceId=726d93f6-2b72-4890-a7f2-a870d84873b5&mstatus=true&hl=pl&ozid=d7b398d4-a76a-4fe5-83c1-66af8f55cc93&idl=ArYaf9xGrhWac7K4U7eIByUsfngDPxYt7GL6kemRc6WhXlPLe4xEWKWN8W7HUVtcDTuAxlUVvV9gfWxI_Y4-iOogh3_CmcwIC51BV8Bpet-z6T730bCklhpro0EiMe9YeBks&vid=6262972408001&yo.hb=5000&pp=csai-web&custParams=rc%25253D2%252526y%25253D6%252526c%25253Dn%252526dpc%25253D2000%252526osport%25253D7RUG%252526seriesid%25253D7RUG&y=6&c=n&dpc=2000&rc=2&yo.pp=aGRudHM9ZXhwPTE2Mjc0MjcyMDZ-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-NE9JOGhtR0VBOFRERlpnZ2RubXQ2Vk5YUndKOG9GdFBJSDYtUTc1SDNkOVQ1N3pyeFk1VWdCU0kxNkRDMDd5OGx5aUc3d19fJktleS1QYWlyLUlkPUFQS0FJT1Q0TTZLTjZDUU9BV0VR&yo.oh=Y3NtLWUtbjdhdXMtZWIudGxzMS55b3NwYWNlLmNvbQ==

yes Ive been able to extract the streams like the on you posted from their live feeds but yes I find that they change in a day or so

People are here with different levels of expertise so you may get technical assistance if you get stuck and you may get testers like me :wink:

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One thing to figure out is is that long url really necessary, could you try to play with short one? I assume something after m3u? Designate authorised user so this would be necessary to keep. Could you compare your link with my link?

Think its the same. v long,TOK23.m3u8?appId=7plus&deviceType=web&platformType=web&ppId=d88c7827d4f1b10d14611c9c740760de8e73a072339bcca500332a51182a754b&videoType=live&accountId=5650355166001&advertId=null&uaId=null&optinDeviceType=&optinAdTracking=0&pc=2000&deviceId=b783d8de-c0f2-410e-b08a-56d726dc35c4&mstatus=true&hl=en&ozid=f3873837-52f4-4bed-950e-d0b75f828df4&idl=Ai7VH395E_1JZPHBp3cn_lNokkpBrxmJVi1wl0Z4-MsljIvhtI2bYfUXvr6DhK1ndRvH04tIZk682F7sMLkvweTR1eTyHmd0ti2J&vid=6262972408001&yo.hb=5000&pp=csai-web&custParams=rc%25253D5%252526y%25253D4%252526c%25253Dd%252526osport%25253D7RUG%252526seriesid%25253D7RUG&y=4&c=d&rc=5&yo.pp=aGRudHM9ZXhwPTE2Mjc0NjMwMjB-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-NGViRH5zRkFwfjl5LUVEY2J1dEl2RXpqMn5QTXVlT2ZaMjdFcVBFZGw4ZVpyRUlVdTNwTWhMaVQxZ19fJktleS1QYWlyLUlkPUFQS0FJT1Q0TTZLTjZDUU9BV0VR

Can you prepare some sample m3u playlist to test with few channels from 7?

Link to my reddit thread

@beyo77 - In that link to your Reddit thread the hyperlink itself is broken. It just links to "here". Copying and pasting the text works though.

So what do we do now? Maybe it's issue of url encoding?