Tv everywhere question

I want to try the Channels app, particularly the TV Everywhere feature. I suppose I'll need to purchase the app to try it on my AppleTV, no free trial right? Do I need to download each app that is authenticated through my provider on to my Appletv or do the feeds automatically show up in the Channels guide based on my Appletv's single sign on credentials?

The TVE feature requires Channels Plus, which offers a thirty day trial. You can't use it just on your Apple TV. You will need a NAS or PC or other always-on server device to install Channels DVR Server onto and setup TVE there.

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Just keep in mind you won’t get [email protected] channels and some locals

Ok I think I can come up with an old computer. Is an HD Homerun device needed for my needs as well? Or is that only if I want to add antenna channels? Also, is Locast a valid tv everywhere source too?

Yeah, not having History will suck but I can live without it. On my AppleTV, do I need to download each app that I wanna see in my Channels guide?

Those work great.

Only if you want to add an antenna.

Locast is not TVE, but we do also offer Locast next to where you setup TVE.

No, all the setup happens on your computer on the DVR where you login with your cable provider.

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Also, there are 2 versions of the Channels app for client devices (Apple TV, Fire Stick, etc). The paid version is a stand-alone version that just live-streams from your HDHR tuner. The free version requires it to be coupled to a computer running the DVR server.

So... You can try out the full Channels ecosystem at no cost during the 30 day trial period of the DVR. After that, you just pay for the DVR subscription. You still keep using the free apps on your clients.


Good summary, thank you. This is probably a silly question but could I use an Xbox 360 for DVR storage instead of a computer?

360's had like a 20GB hdd. (i still have one)
also, u cant install the Channels DVR server on a Xbox.
Has to be a computer of some sort or supported NAS box.

Supported platforms are listed here...

You must have had one of the earlier ones. I still have a 360e & it's 500gb. It's collecting dust so was just seeing if useable in some way.

You can now get A&E, History, Lifetime and fyi by following the instructions on this page: A&E Live TV. This level of support is why Channels Plus is worth it.

Yes I saw that but thank you very much for the follow up. I'm even more motivated now to get set up.