TV Everywhere: YouTube TV - Log in Not Supported

I am having this issue where the Paramount Network channel says "login not supported". However, if I go to their website, click watch live or pick an episode I can login with my YouTube TV credentials and watch the contest without problem.

What might the issue be?

According to the YT help page, for their TVE support....Paramount Network is not listed.

I think they haven't updated that listing recently.
See Updates to our network offerings
"We’re excited to add the ViacomCBS networks to our lineup on June 30th, 2020."

Go to and click on Watch Live, YTTV is listed as a provider.

Did you update to the latest pre-release version of Channels DVR?

Click and hold the Check for Updates button in the DVR web UI.

I always forget about the "Click and hold the Check for Updates" method for pre-release versions.

After doing that it worked! =)

:crossed_fingers: Now here's to hoping that TNT gets added to the TVE support list soon.

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