TV Mate & IPTV Smarters

I have a HomeRun HD with antenna for my local channels and Dish Network, I was able upload both channel lists into the Channels DVR successfully as a test, But...... The whole reason for getting channels was to "Cut the cord/cable" and get rid of Dish. I have both TV Mate and IPTV Smarters Pro downloaded into a Fire Cube and have been trying to get IPTV's apps into a M3U editor so I can narrow down the lists to a usuable list that fits in Channels but have had no luck. Has anyone used these IPTV apps and a M3U editor successfully and be willing to share the process? TIA


I have tried a few but found the best luck by just pasting the m3u into the browser bar and wait for it to download. It will take several seconds. I then rename it to a .txt file and cut and paste the stations I want into Channels using the text option. I use Notepad+ as my test editor. Many of the files are over 66,000 lines long, so you need a powerful tool. This method does not always work, and I often have to toggle between MPEG and HLS. Getting the EPG is also a little tricky. I use the http://serveraddress/xmltv.php?username=XXXXXX&password=XXXXXXX and it works most of the time. Any more than 20 stations is overkill in my opinion. I also use IPTVX on my Apple TVs, which works great but does not record.

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Thanks I'll give that a try!!

I use to edit my channels