TV pauses

The latest beta version keeps pausing the live program I'm watching. I submitted diagnostics for review.

Do you mean the show is pausing and not resuming, as if somebody had pressed the pause key? Or is playback just stopping briefly before resuming on its own?

Iā€™m seeing this too. Momentary pause, the time line pops for a second and then the program resumes.

This has to do with audio stream changes and how airplay buffering works. I assume both of you are using OG HomePod.

I'm looking into ways we could make this better.

No not using airplay. HDMI to sound system.

Diagnostics please

I am experiencing that as well. But additionally, at times, it pauses and just stays paused.

I am using OG HomePods. Additionally, when watching a recording and skipping commercials, the audio mutes while the video continues. Seconds later it the audio resumes and the video pauses. And then it catches up to itself.

Logs sent

This is happening every time you seek? Can you submit a diagnostics showing this behavior.

Looks like you're using default audio and there was an issue there. Its fixed in the next TestFlight build.

Have you tried clicking the back button or pause to add a 10 sec buffer. Sometimes I have done this and the pausing (freezing) stops. Also are you connected wirelessly or hardwired. Wireless may cause some latency causing the issue.

Yes on default audio. Using experimental audio the fast play ATSC3 problem returned so I had to go back. Iā€™m on 11.26.24

Hmm, so it's doing that speed up slow down video thing you said earlier. Can you submit diagnostics after it does that

Just sent. Doing it on default driver too

Just submitted.

Seems like something weird with your ATSC3 feeds.

Can you check the stable App Store build and see if it's better there?

App Store version works perfect. Just sent logs from that.

Thanks. Does it happen in beta on atsc3 recordings too?

I never record 3.0. Commercial skip not reliable. I can record some later and take a look

Okay I was able to reproduce the issue with one of the samples you sent me before.