TV Remote

When I switch to the Apple TV input on my Panasonic TV, the TV remote automatically sends commands to the Apple TV instead of the TV. This is great for my wife, who hates the Apple TV remote! One thing I have noticed is when on the guide (as the TV remote does not have a touch swipe panel), scrolling the guide is really slow, as you cannot hold down the up or down arrow to move up of down the guide quickly, you have to instead press the down button 100 times to get to channel 100. Does anybody know if this is the fault of the TV remote, or if there is another button available to page up or down quickly? Its a shame the Apple TV does not support channel number input like traditional TV boxes.

It is most likely a result of how your TV implements the HDMI-CEC spec. That is the protocol that allows your TV remote to control your other devices, and allows other devices to set your TV input to theirs when they are powered on.

Unfortunately this is completely out of Channels' hands.

Thank you for your reply. I think I will play around with the settings to see if I can speed it up. Not the end of the world, as the Apple TV remote is nice and responsive.