TV Shows Filter Weirdness

I am on the Nvidia Shield running Beta version

Here is what happens: I go into the section for TV Shows, change the filter to Alphabetical then move down into the shows. I select one of the shows, do anything with it (mark watched, delete, etc.). Then when I exit back out from the show and into the Shows section the filter automatically resets to "Recently Added" and all my shows move into that order instead of Alphabetical.

I then have to scroll back to the top and re-select Alphabetical and start over again.

I also have a question - is the any plan to add an "Unwatched" filter to Android? I notice you can do that in the web browser and it would be great for movies and TV Shows to be able to do that in the App itself.

This is a known bug with the Android version. As I understand it, there is a major rewrite coming up for those portions of the app to address not only this bug, but to make it more performant.


I look forward to that. There are some other little oddities when navigating that area but I will wait and see if the re-write addresses those.

Do you have any knowledge on potential of added filters?

Beyond porting the Enhanced Library present in the Apple clients being ported over to Android, none that I am aware of as far as the Library goes.

I believe the developers have expressed interest in expanding Channel Collections to allow for dynamic collections to mimic the current categories that Collections replace. But that is all I know.

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