TV shows from library crash to home screen on Nvidia Shield

I can watch Movies from library with no issue. As soon as a TV show is selected to watch it crashes back to home screen. I have restarted Shield and Server with no change. Diagnostics have been submitted from Shield after the crash. Odd thing is I can start the TV show on mobile with no crash.
Running latest Carbon themed beta on both Shield and mobile but can change if needed. Also running the latest server pre release.

Can you please confirm with our latest beta apk

yes I will do so and get back to you. I also just discovered that the mobile will crash if I click on the show in library up next, however I can go to TV Shows and click the series and play the same episode from there without a crash. Either methods cause a crash with the Shield.

next response will be after installing latest beta.

ok can't get the beta to update from the beta app. It goes through all the motions and then comes back with "App not installed" and the stable release does not give me an option to install beta.

On a side note the stable release will play the TV shows without crashing. On the beta I didn't evan get the watch, more, trash screen just an immediate crash. So as soon as I can figure out why I can't upgrade the beta I can continue forward with testing this out.

Can you try with the Downloader app?

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Thanks that did the trick once I uninstalled the existing beta. Happy to report the official beta
(11.1.1851) working as expected.
I could have sworn the Carbon themed (10.31.2112) was working before today, I was beginning to think Nvidia's latest patch (9.1.1) might have been the issue.