TV shows start with #s

So fix some of the titles. and remove spaces. It seems to grab shows that doesnt start with #s. have to manually correct this. known issue?

It's Gracenote's search. It's just not very good unfortunately.

Just use Fix Incorrect Match on those and you'll be set up.

solution anytime soon? API for TVDB/TMDB can we use in the future?

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Imported TV shows default to using Gracenote; however you can optionally rescan the show using TheMovieDB.

Sort of.
Problem is you have to match the Show to Gracenote before you can use TMDB to match only the episodes of the show.

be nice if we can just rescan what is already in with the update changes instead of doing 1 by 1.. have 300 series.. and half shows up and other doesnt.. will take weeks if not months to do it one by one

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Would be really nice if we could scan the whole show from TMDB instead of Gracenote. It's just wonky sometimes. It mostly works but every now and then...

I would also like it if we could go to using posters for TV Shows instead of those small images from Gracenote. Really hard to make my library look nice.

Channels only uses 4:3 placards for TV shows, and only 2:3 posters for movies.

It should be noted that Gracenote provides both formats for both TV shows and movies. This limitation/restriction was a conscious decision by the Channels developers.

Also, for DVR purposes, preferring Gracenote data makes the most sense; if an item is imported it will be tagged in the library with the same ID as the upcoming guide data, so a recording pass will not record an episode that exists in the library that you imported. TMDB IDs differ, and can lead to duplicate library entries, which may be confusing for a greater majority of users.

true, but if it doesnt find it the first time, it needs to use TMDB as backup so it will have something in the place holder

Right, I am fully aware that Channels only uses 4:3 placards for TV Shows, hence my sentence - I would also like it if we could...

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