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I’m sorry for the super basic question: I’m evaluating this ecosystem as a replacement for my TiVo setup and do not understand how TVs fit. I happen to have an LG TV and want to keep using it. I saw another post that stated there is no Channels app for LG, so how would I incorporate this (or any of a myriad of TVs) as my output device?

That is correct, there is no Channels DVR app for TVs that have their own built-in operating system (LG, Samsung, etc.)
However, FireTV will have an app because it's Android based.

Otherwise, you need to use a streaming device connected to one of your TV's HDMI inputs. Apple or Android devices will work. Not Roku.

You will need to use one streaming device per TV.

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Ah! Thank you very much for explaining.

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You're welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm also a TiVo user, originally. So are a lot of people on these forums.

You will love Channels DVR. The more you use it and find out everything it can do, the more you will love it. You won't look back.

Welcome to Channels DVR! :smiley:


I’ve done more reading and it seems people are predicting TVE will go away at some point. If that happens, then is it correct I’d just be left with having a HomeRun for access to my Xfinity channels and no way to unify my streaming channels (Amazon,Netflix, and Hulu) into one interface? If so, then I’d basically just have a TiVo replacement and nothing more.

And, while I’m typing, I read that “Hulu support” really means “Hulu Live”, which I don’t use. Does this mean Channels does not support streaming of any non-live content? For example, Netflix movies or Amazon Prime shows? (This question is about a post-TVE world.)


Channels does not integrate with on demand streaming services. They are proprietary and no one can do this.

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FWIW I use this feature to integrate some of that content:

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Thanks for that.

When you say it’s integrated, does that mean ChannelsDVR can be used as the interface to the streamer to cause the download to playon and then transfer it to my local storage, or something else?

I’m looking for an experience I can explain to my wife and that she will tolerate. :slight_smile:

Thank you for explaining.

I’m slowly understanding what should have been obvious from the name of the Project: that it is about handling scheduled content from a variety of…channels.

No, we use the PlayOn app on the phone or iPad first. Hours later (or the next day) we watch the downloaded content on the Channels DVR on any screen where the app is installed. We are now used to this workflow and it works well, very reliable.

If there is content we want to watch on demand right now, that has not yet been downloaded into channels DVR, then we would just launch that content provider’s app directly on the Apple TV home screen.

Understood; thanks!

On the Play On Cloud service, if you delete a recording on Play On does it also delete the corresponding Channels recording (sync)? or does it just delete the Play on recording and leave the on on the Channels hard drive?

Thinking of subscribing to the 100GB plan when it gets full can I delete it and still retain it on CHannels?

Yes you can retain it in Channels DVR. Deleting the local file in Channels DVR one does not delete the copy on PlayOn Cloud or vice versa, but as you probably know PlayOn Cloud automatically deletes recordings in seven days if you do not have a storage plan with them.

Oh I was under the impression that Channels actually downloaded the Play On shows. So it just links to the Play On Cloud for replay. What about Playon Home? Can you download and save content to the Channels hard drive?

No it does download the actual shows. Sorry if I was not clear (or if my real-time editing was confusing, lol). It saves to the local Channels DVR storage.

So the Play On Cloud is probably the way to go since it will save its content onto the DVR storage. Then I can delete stuff out of Cloud and still have it in my Channels DVR storage correct? Then delete it from my channels DVR after watched or saved if desired.

Maybe this will help:

PlayOn Cloud - Channels DVR will automatically download recordings from PlayOn Cloud to your local Channels DVR storage. Setup is simple and involves setting up PlayOn Cloud as a source in Channels DVR.

PlayOn Home - PlayOn Home will automatically download recordings to your local PlayOn Home storage. Setup is simple and involves telling Channels DVR where to look for those downloads.

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Yes, that's correct.


Thank You

One more tidbit to mention is that you don’t need a monthly subscription to PlayOn Cloud for this to work. You can buy credits a la carte, they don’t expire. I bought 200 awhile back and just use those for recordings, on an as-needed basis.