TVE Confusion

Hi, all!

I'm new to Channels and this community and have been spending a lot of time digging around, learning about the software and introducing myself to the TVE concept, which is [embarrassingly, considering my level of nerdom] not something I was even remotely aware of.

I have Channels DVR setup on a Linux machine via Docker. It works like a charm! I have Locast bringing in ALL of my locals, which is so great, and I'm a subscriber to Hulu Live and have successfully connected to that service. I find Channels much faster than Hulu's native app (I'm using Fire TV) and the Channels DVR experience is far, far superior. You all did a great job with this and I can't wait to see it develop more.

All that said, I'm confused about a few things surrounding TVE, specifically channel availability.

I've read the main thread here but something isn't jiving. I was originally under the assumption that everything available on Hulu should be available in Channels. That's clearly not the case based on that thread and some others I've read but I'm not completely sure why. So here goes:

  • Why aren't all of the channels I see on Hulu available in Channels? (This link is touted as the source of truth but, for example, I have access in Channels via Hulu to Investigation Discovery but that table says I shouldn't, so what am I missing here?)
  • Can the Channels team "do" anything to add missing channels? If not, is availability via TVE up to Hulu, in my case, or is it the network itself?
  • If availability is simply a fact we can't work around, which provider has the widest offering? I'm happy to subscribe to anyone/anywhere and connect it to Channels to get the better experience.


Providers negotiate licenses with networks to offer their channels via TV Everywhere, in that they let their customers log into streaming apps with their credentials.

Not every provider licenses this ability from every network.