TVE Connection Issue

Starting yesterday, several TVE channels won't tune in. I can't connect with Apple TV or via browser. When I rescan all of the channels in the server, they all appear as available, but I can't actually see the shows. On the TV I get a URL and in the browser it just attempts to reconnect over and over.

My testing currently shows it's mostly TBS and TNT. Anyone else seeing this? This is what appears in my log -

2021/01/10 12:33:08.959771 [HLS] Couldn't generate stream playlist for ch6035-dANY-ip192.168.100.110: TVE: get: 404 Not Found

I would recommend upgrading to the latest prerelease if you haven’t already.

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Thank you, but I've updated my app and server. No change.

Update : I've tested all of my TVE favorites. Only the two TBS and two TNT won't come in. I've not had this problem until this past week. Stumped.

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What version number on your server?


That’s the latest full release. Click the drop down next to the version and go to the latest prerelease and see if it works.

Yes, that seems to have fixed it. Thanks.

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