TVE default padding

I’ve noticed with all of my TVE recordings that if I schedule any recordings that there is always 30-60 seconds of the timing being off. I think this is the default nature of streaming from any source. I know that I could control this manually myself but I’m curious if this could be something where the padding is set by default to something that would allow for the full recording to be recorded. Thoughts?

Typically streaming means it runs 30-60 seconds behind, so I would recommend increasing the default end padding to accommodate for this. I honestly don’t remember what the default is out of the box.

It's a known "issue" that TVE channels generally run 30s behind their broadcast counterparts.

You can either add an extra 30s as your default post-recording padding for new passes, and modify existing passes to add 30s as necessary; or just deal with it. (Not a real option, I know.)

(As an aside, Tvheadend has a similar option to what is desired. It allows a tuner to have a warmup period wherein the DVR starts tuning and recording early. While this is counter to the OP's request for adding post-recording padding, it's similar in a more important manner: tuner/source specific padding, rather than either the default or a pass specific padding.)