TVE>Directv Stopped Working 2 Days Ago - FIXED

A couple of days ago, Directv via TVE stopped working.

I deleted it as a source and tried logging in again.& got "cable provider authentication failed"..

Since I didn't see any recent posts about TVE>Directv not working, I thought I would post this in case its a new issue. And of course, it could be an issue with my account with Directv, yet I can access Directv on other devices with the same login credentials.

It's been working fine for me.
The problem must be with your account.

Try updating your DVR to pre-release

Will give that a try and will report back

Updated to pre-release 2021.08.03.0038. Still no go.

We are calling Directv/ATT&T right now to see what the issue is. We can't even log in on an iPad.

Directv/AT&T fixed it. Someone there had messed it up, so the agent reset it, and we are good to go!!!!

(And its downloading 204 channels as I type this :slight_smile: )

Thanks everyone for you guidance with this!!!

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