TVE issue logging - please put the URLs in the logs

Is there any way we can see what URL the DVR is trying to access when it's recording my local Fox TVE channel? I'm trying to see what it is so that I can send it to Fox and say hey this is not working, all I'm getting is the banner saying "this stream is having technical difficulties".

I checked the logs and the URLs are not given when a TVE recording or live channel tune is started.

By the way if you go to their support page at, don't use chat. Their people are totally clueless about Fox streaming of live channels, all they support is apps. And they can't tell you who to talk to, the guy insisted that I contact my cable provider even though I told him this was a stream.

Does it work on ?

Since they redesigned their website you would need their user manual.
Either that or it only works with their Fox browser (where do you get that?)

Nothing works on, as in their website is broken and you can't click on anything to stream. That's why I would like to see what URL y'all are accessing in the logs.

It worked fine until 2-3 weeks ago, and there's a whole other thread about it so it's not just me. I'm just trying to get something to send to them or to Fox 35 Orlando and hope that I can finally find somebody that has a clue.

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Maybe try using the latest Fox browser :rofl:, or ask the devs which one works for them?

I just want to see the URL in the logs, I don't think that's too much to ask for TVE.

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WOFL? That should be a Fox O&O station

Yep, and it's broke. I submitted a case to Fox earlier today and they once again said that I need to contact Fox local for the app support even though I specifically told them that it has nothing to do with Fox local because that's not the live feed of the channel. There's apparently no way to contact them about live stream issues.

Their support people are absolute idiots, which isn't surprising I'm sure it's outsourced to someplace in Asia.

Since we have no way to access a Fox live stream using TVE at the website, we can't expect them (Fox) to fix what isn't there anymore. Unless someone knows where it moved to.

I can stream my local Fox affiliate at foxsports when there's a sporting event, and yesterday my ch6002 started working again.

You're totally missing the point. The DVR is accessing the Fox stream today, and the stream is displaying a banner where it used to work before. I just want to see the URL that it is accessing for 6002.

Never said anything about channels having to fix it, this is completely on the Fox side.

I 100% agree.

I meant we can't expect Fox to fix their streaming website that isn't there anymore.

Like when we had The Weather Channel working in Channels and it broke. There wasn't any The Weather Channel website we could point to if we wanted to complain to The Weather Channel about it no longer working.

Since Channels DVR proxies for us by going to live websites, we need to know what those live websites are if they quit working.

Wondering if you can stream the MLS game currently on Channels DVR 6002.
It's working for me (my Fox station is an affiliate, not Fox O&O).
I started viewing ch6002 before the game started and got the looping watch on... thing until after the game started. I stopped and restarted the channel and got the game now.

Thanks for the explanation, but no nothing works. It doesn't matter if sports are on currently (tried it just now with an MLS game on), the stream is broken with the endless technical difficulties banner. I had tried it before with various world cup games and got the same thing.

As you said, apparently there is nobody we can contact about the problem. But I would still like to know what channels is connecting to for TVE channels just in case we might be able to reach someone, and that is why I posted this topic. I am trying the local angle with my Fox 35 station, not confident I'm going to get anywhere but it is what it is.

If they don't want to log the URLs then I'll just install Wireshark and figure it out myself but that's kind of dumb.

The problem is if it's not a public facing Fox website URL, Fox support can't help you.
Even getting the Master Playlist URI (which you can easily do since it's logged) doesn't help as it's unique per instance, expires and nothing you could provide to Fox Support "Where did that come from?".

So where the heck is channels getting the TVE local channel URLs from? That's really the gist of my question, it sure as heck is not

Just thought of something.
I can stream sports events through my Local Fox affiliate at foxsports
Can you stream there (should show your local station callsign in the url when streaming)
NFL game starting at 8PM your time

Game is working for me on Channels DVR 6002 and at FOX Sports Live - Watch Live Sports, Shows, and Events Online | FOX Sports

Figure if you get the Technical Difficulties banner error on that website, you have something to show Fox Support. Maybe the CDN you're getting the stream from?

Sorry I didn't see this post and missed the window for the fox game last night.

I guess I'll just install wireshark and figure out the URL that way. I heard back from Fox 35 Orlando after messaging them on Facebook and they're supposed to have an engineer get in touch, but I'm sure it's not on their end it's on Fox's end since multiple stations are having the same issue. Wanted to be able to give them a URL to show what I'm seeing.

The real problem is that there's no app or website now where you can watch the live Fox stream, so they're inevitably going to ask where did you get that link?

And I would like to know where channels gets those TVE links, not just for Fox but for all the major nets. It would be a lot easier if channels just logs the URLs when they connect.

Fox 6002 is ONLY showing me sporting events lately.
It used to show them and primetime programming.
As soon as the game ended yesterday, instead of seeing Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars, I got this